Wonderful opportunity

Studying and living abroad is often presented as three months of exciting self-discovery, travel, and intercultural bliss. That’s all true. But it can also be lonely if you don’t take the time to get involved in something larger than yourself. For me, that something was working at the Colegio Manuel Siurot. I worked with a teacher named Francisco Sánchel helping Kindergarten and first grade children to learn English. Usually, Francisco would give me a broad topic—such as Thanksgiving, healthy living, or transportation—and I would create a lesson teaching English vocabulary and American culture relating to that topic. I was given all the help I asked for and all the freedom I wanted in planning my lessons. The kids were always excited to see “Mr. Grayson,” and were very attentive and enthusiastic. The commitment is relatively minimal, consisting of about two hours of teaching a week plus an hour or two to prepare lessons and travel time to and from the school, and should be no problem as long as your class schedule is not overloaded. If you put in 20 hours of service, you will receive a certificate from the Colegio that will look great on your résumé. The Colegio was a wonderful opportunity to help others, but more than that, it gave me a sense of belonging that I did not find anywhere else.


Espacio 3.0 de la Cooperativa de Enseñanza Manuel Siurot. Centro Concertado Bilingüe en los niveles de Educación Infantil [2º ciclo], Primaria y Secundaria.

Sitio Web: manuelsiurot.es/

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